Here are some samples of video projects that include my music

Heaven's Mechanic

Light Box Collaborative Animation Project

My friend Eric has an awesome animation project that has featured some of my music.  

Tevellus videos

These videos were made by Glenn Alexander to accompany our Tevellus albums, they are also available as individual videos on the Tevellus YouTube channel along with many other videos.

Wind Through Trees

This was an audio/video project, the music was all made from improvised recordings, and the video is made of manipulated photographs.

Miscellaneous Audio

Below are three loose soundtracks with no video.  The Apology was written for a friend's adaptation of Plato's apology of Socrates, A Walk in the Park was a project from college that I worked on with my friend Michael Goodier, and Richmond Train was another of his films that was unable to be made after cameras were not allowed on the BART.