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I am a musician, music teacher, and sound guy living in the Providence, RI area.  I consider the study and practice of music to be my life's work, and am thankful for any and all opportunities to work in the field.  I hope that this website serves as a platform to display some of the projects I have worked on, and as a place to continually publish new work.  It also functions as a way to find and communicate with me when contact has been lost.

My musical style is informed by a wide variety of artists and groups, here is a short list of some of my most important influences, in no particular order:

I also enjoy things like woodworking and lutherie, and I research local history and family history.  I enjoy the films of David Lynch and Werner Herzog, and I like TV shows such as Carnivale, Game of Thrones, and The Man in the High Castle.  My favorite thinkers include Marshall McLuhan, Joseph Campbell, John Caldwell Holt, Roy Wagner, John Perry Barlow, Michael Pollan and James Burke.  I am also very interested in anthropology, and worked for a few years as a field archaeologist in northern New England.  I've also spent time working with traumatized youth in state custody and adults with disabilities.